Spectra Press specializes in quality offset printing, competitive pricing, and diligent customer service. We have grown and prospered during a time when the printing business has undergone substantial failures and/or consolidations in the industry. Importantly, the company has added equipment and craftsmen to fit the needs of its customers.

Perhaps the greatest strength of Spectra Press is its company-wide commitment to customer service. Our customers' projects aren't passed from one department to another, as is the procedure at corporate-style printing plants. When our customers need an answer, they can contact anyone in our plant. Our approach is to organize the account service procedures specifically around your needs.

Under your direction we will set out a plan for providing printed materials when, where, how and at what cost they will be delivered. We will set out an anticipated timeline for production and delivery, a process for inventory management, and budgets for any items that require off-premise storage and retrieval.


6 color press

4 color press

2 color press

2 color press

Maximum sheet size 20'' x 28''
Image size: 19.375'' x 27.375''
Aqueous available

Maximum sheet size 20'' x 28''
Image size: 19.375'' x 27.375''

Maximum sheet size 28'' x 40''

Maximum sheet size 12'' x 18''


• Multi Binder - 9 pocket saddle stitcher
• 20'' x 26'' folder with 8-page right angle
• 26'' x 40'' folder with 8- and 16-page angle
• 3 hole drill
• 2 shrink wrappers
• Numbering machine

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